Monday, 12 January 2009

Assume makes an ass out of u and me

I spent all morning at the studio drawing out part two of my National Portrait Award Entry. Then I picked up a second canvas from the set of four and put it on the board next to the previous one - it wouldn't sit flush. So I tried the other two. Not one of them is the same size as another, despite being packaged together as a set of four identical canvasses. One of them was a full inch out. Silly of me to assume they would be the same size. So now do I buy another set of four in the hope that one of them matches the other one I have already drawn, or do I buy two box canvasses (which are better quality and will be the same size) and redraw the picture I spent all day working on in excruciatingly fine detail today?

I hate wasting a day.

On the plus side, I didn't smoke at all today, despite being around other people smoking, and I walked back home up a steep hill in the wind and rain. The idea of walking back was more appealing than doing it but despite it being horrible, it only took me 22 minutes so there really is no excuse for me not to do it every day.

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