Thursday, 29 January 2009


Apparently a man can move in with his dad and his dad's wife, torment her and make her life hell, gradually cut them off from their friends and family, intercept phone-calls by diverting the house phone to his mobile, ban all their friends from visiting, phoning and writing, can hound the wife about a fad diet he is keen on to the degree that she gives up cooking and he takes over the food preparation, can abduct them, be arrested and sectioned, released, move back, can cause so much stress to the dad's wife that she develops early onset Alzheimers, can insist she is a burden right up to the point where her mother dies and he realises she will be very wealthy. He can then try and get her to sign a homemade power of attorney putting him in charge, can start really waging a war to get hold of her money, can refuse her medical treatment and dentistry and dementia check-ups, can change everyone in her life who disapproves of him, can change her doctor repeatedly, steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that her own daughter might know her better or have more rights. He can ask a family friend to support him in seeking power of attorney. He can refuse to provide invoices for carers, yet still expects money and complains about her attorneys to the OPG. He can refuse to allow Social Services in to check on his stepmother except for a pre-arranged monthly slot in the evening - and only one man. When his dad dies, despite the fact of everyone in Social Services knowing he is a risk to her, they still make her stay there because they are worried about his litigious nature.

More importantly, despite having been told over and over again and made to promise during every visit that she must not let the woman stay in the house with this man when her husband was dead, the daughter is completely powerless to get her mother out. And so are the authorities because the laws are not in place. So every day, this poor woman is having her personal care provided by the man she hated most in the world, while he fleeces her for money, but legally.

And get this - he can now refuse the daughter access and she has no right to see her Mum, despite being her attorney and next of kin, because the house is now his home and he is claiming squatters rights...

The law is useless.

Otherwise... I have started painting no. 3 of the triptych - but I haven't done no. 1 yet!

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